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Tue, Jul. 5th, 2005, 11:10 am
sprokkel: New here ^-^

Hello ^^,

I am a graduate student at the moment since I don't have the chance to go university yet... but my dream is to go study for my masters degree. I think when I did get my graduatebachelor degree that I will go get my university bachelor then and if I still have the chance maybe go for my master degree then in computer science.

Currently I am busy with programming/Scripting in PHP, Python, VBA, Javascript. The next semester I am getting classes in Java and in the end of the next year I will be starting C++. Currently I am really interested in learning more about the basic knowledge of operating systems since I will be studying that intensely in the next semesters classes. I also am busy with php/mysql which is going rather well (I gues I won't have to do too much anymore in that class the next semester :p).

I hope I can learn a lot more here about coding/computerscience.

Nice to meet you all ^-^