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Thu, Jan. 29th, 2009, 07:22 pm
ginaspider: (no subject)

Hey everyone. Thought I'd post an introduction to this community. My name is Thea and as a hobby I program in C. I actually first got encouraged by my friend's mother. I haven't seen my friend or their ma for ages and I don't remember who she worked for. She was actually pretty cool though- she'd give me all the computer books she didn't use and occasional software too- stuff like foxpro and dbase. One of my favorite books as a child she gave me was this book:

I had an ibm at at the time with dos and enjoyed typing programs into debug and having them run- it was a lot of fun. the book described a sector reading program and I got into clusters and fats and whatnot. I eventually got into writing TSRs and viruses and the whole hacker community. I ran a BBS in the 612 area code for a few years and taught myself C. I've pretty much stuck with C for most my life so far although I think lisp is pretty cool too. As of recent I've been mostly writing emulators and such things. Writing an emulator is a lot of fun- in my case, you're writing a program in a modern environment using modern tools to run a program written twenty years ago. At the same time you're living in the present you're also living two decades ago in someone else's code watching what it does and how it functions. It's hard to describe but there's a beautiful symbioses that exists there, between an emulator and what it runs.
I really gravitate towards the hacker community and find it to be very welcoming of most women. I'm not exactly sure why but I think it has to do it's emphasis on comradery rather then strickly on =the machine= that alot of other communities have. After all it's all about the people who run the machine now isn't it?

Fri, Jan. 19th, 2007, 11:28 am
panorphelia: Newbie here!

Hi all,

My name's Alison. I just joined this community this morning.

I'm currently working as a diagnostic developer at Apple here in Cupertino. It's mostly C that I do, with bits of C++, ObjC and Forth (pci microcode and BootROMs). At home in my spare time, I do a bit of perl, php, python. I also do a bit of Open Source coding and am hacking on SMARTMonTools at the mo'. I graduated in Ireland in 1989 having done my best to flunk out of college (succeeded once!). Prior to Apple, I was an RF test engineer at Motorola.

Anyways. Lovely to be here ... :)

-- Allie

Wed, Jul. 26th, 2006, 11:53 pm
imafshman: Hey everyone!

I just discovered this community by chance and thought I would introduce myself!

My name is Candyce and I will be a senior in college majoring in Music and Technology as well as Computer Science (2 majors, not 3). I caught a glimpse of a posting about certifications and I had a few questions I thought I'd throw out there. #1: I know I would like to get certified in something useful (right now I'm thinking one of the Mac certifications and/or A+...maybe even Cisco). The thing is that they are expensive. Is there one any of you would suggest over the other? My main thing isn't computers but I feel like I'm really good with them and they will pay the bills if the music thing doesn't go as planned. #2: As I said, certifications are expensive. Are there any places that offer funding or student discounts or something for the tests? If there aren't, there should be for poor people like me :-P. Thanks in advance!

Wed, Nov. 30th, 2005, 02:47 pm
jennivelve: (no subject)

Hey, I'm 28, English and next year is my last year of a computer science degree.

Have programmed in C++, Smalltalk, C, Java, flex (AI toolkit built on prolog) and *eek* four digit hex and machine code.

Would looove to get an MSc in Software engineering after this but not sure how that would work money wise, the plan is try and get a good part time job thats very untaxing but high on the pay front and do the MSc part time.

I always wanna work with computers and really hope I get a job I love as much as my degree. I especially love programming, getting lost in a problem and emerging only when it finally runs.

Would love to make friends with other like minded femmes.

Wed, Jul. 13th, 2005, 12:56 pm
kobura_san: Introducing myself

Hi, my names Jenn. I'm a sophmore this year at a community college. I'm thinking about majoring in either graphic design or computer science (I think i might have found a happy median at UTD). I've got some skills in Java and know HTML like the back of my hand. I wanted to expand my Java knowledge but don't know where to look for good sources. A friend of mine loaned me the Java 2 Certification study guide but i think it's a little over my head at the moment. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Tue, Jul. 5th, 2005, 11:10 am
sprokkel: New here ^-^

Hello ^^,

I am a graduate student at the moment since I don't have the chance to go university yet... but my dream is to go study for my masters degree. I think when I did get my graduatebachelor degree that I will go get my university bachelor then and if I still have the chance maybe go for my master degree then in computer science.

Currently I am busy with programming/Scripting in PHP, Python, VBA, Javascript. The next semester I am getting classes in Java and in the end of the next year I will be starting C++. Currently I am really interested in learning more about the basic knowledge of operating systems since I will be studying that intensely in the next semesters classes. I also am busy with php/mysql which is going rather well (I gues I won't have to do too much anymore in that class the next semester :p).

I hope I can learn a lot more here about coding/computerscience.

Nice to meet you all ^-^


Thu, Jun. 9th, 2005, 10:44 pm
fiddle_dragon: Intro and question

Hi! I'm 31, software developer in a fairly large company (that shall remain nameless). I currently work with Java, but have worked with PERL, LotusScript, and various and sundry other languages.

Currently I'm working on a personal project for a friend, using php and a forum package called Phorum

Has anyone around here had any experience with this? I haven't really done any kind of work with message boards/forums before, and I'm looking to archive messages. Supposedly I can write a module to do this, but if someone has already figured out how to archive (scripted archival would be nice), then I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.


Tue, Jun. 7th, 2005, 11:00 am
krystalarhiana: Check it out!

One of my old profs emailed me this. Sadly, I am graduated and not elligible... but...


Mon, May. 16th, 2005, 09:08 pm
shellybean85: Hey, I'm new

Hey, I'm new to the community. I'm a freshman going on sophomore at college as a comp sci major. This seems like a cool idea for a community, cool.

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